Donna Crawford
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I was born in North Carolina and lived there until I was about 2 or so.  My father was in the military, so we moved every year or two.  We lived up and down the east coast, in Arkansas, Germany and Kansas, before he retired in 1980.  I attended Manhattan High School (in Kansas) and college and law school at the University of Kansas (Go Jayhawks!!).

I've lived in Alabama, Georgia, Texas and California since leaving my parents' home.  I currently live in California with my husband Kirk (even while we were on our RTW, we considered California as home). My family and friends are scattered all over the place, as you can imagine.

My husband and I are highly involved with our church, locally. I have lots of hobbies, including cooking, HAM radio, reading, travelling, bzflag, and sports/outdoor activities. Although I love to watch Jayhawk Basketball, I generally prefer to participate. Some of my favorites are beach volleyball, scuba diving, cycling, rowing, swimming, snow skiing, tramping, surfing, off-roading, etc.

My travels over the last few years have taken me to Costa Rica, Hawaii, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and most recently, on a 15-country, 1-year round-the-world trip.

Feel free to drop me an email to let me know how you're doing, or any other suggestions you have for these pages! And be sure to sign my new Guestbook!

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Monday, March 19


Jazzy Jeremy

Our friend Jeremy was in a series of online commercials for Pepsi. They are simply hilarious! Be sure you try them all!

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Can Launch?

Originally, I wasn't going to post this, but in light of today's UserFriendly Comic, I just have to! For those of you who don't drink beer, think of it as a "Can Launcher".

And the UserFriendly:

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Mozul Makes Mirth!

So as we were preparing to sleep, I said (jokingly of course) to Kirk "Remind me not to break my shoulder again." He said "ok". Then, of course, he reminded me not to break my shoulder. Then he said, "Honey, remind me next time you go skiing to put 65 bicycle lights on you first."

I couldn't stop laughing and had to leave the room a bit so he could sleep!

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Monday, March 12


Sporty Chicks?

Well for anyone who knows my online name, this will make sense:

Special thanks to Pimpi who retrieved it from his children's candy and sent it to me!

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Sunday, December 24


Christmas Shuttle


Thursday, December 14



I like this one!


Tuesday, December 5


Holiday Cheer

The executive pastor at my church sent this to me. :)

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Thursday, November 9


The Leaning Room and the Puzzled Pager

Another month, another Berkeley trip. They are usually all quite similar - we generally stay in the same hotel, eat at the same restaurants and do the same things. This trip, however, we had a couple of interesting things happen!

First, we stayed at a hotel on the marina, rather than our normal hotel closer to campus. For whatever reason, the rates were cheaper here this time. When we got to the room, we decided we knew why! The room is a typical room for this hotel - fairly sizeable, 2 double beds, an entertainment center with television, large bathroom. However, we noticed when we went in the room, that something seemed off. In fact, as you walked further into the room, it became more noticeable. With each step, each movement forward, further into the room, we were losing altitude. Yes, going down hill. I don't mean there were stairs in the room. The floor is actually slanted, not level. If you put something round on the desk, it will roll off! I commented (only somewhat jokingly) that they should pipe the sound of the ocean into the room so you'd at least feel like you were on a boat! If I am sitting around for long, it's easy to forget I am sitting at a slant. But when I stand up (or wake up) to go to the bathroom, I have to walk uphill! It's crazy!

The other interesting/odd thing we had happen relates to Kirk's work. One of his coworkers called him and needed some information quickly and asked Kirk to call him back. First of all, I don't know ANYONE in this day in age who carries a pager instead of a cellphone (I'm sure they are out there, but I don't know any), but this guy did. Kirk called him back, got his voicemail (his voice on the pager message) and punched in his number.

A few minutes later he got a call and answered the phone. The guy on the other end was a bit confused but they determined that it was a wrong number. Kirk was a bit confused to, as the voice on the pager message he had heard was clearly his friend's. So he called and paged again.

Again, he got a call back...from the same wrong person! The guy on the other end kept insisting Kirk was paging his number. But when he repeated the number, it was nothing even close to the one Kirk had called to reach his friend's pager! Somehow the paging company was sending the page to the wrong unit! We got a good laugh out of that one!

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Friday, October 6


Airhead Update

Since I was at the airport picking Kirk up anyway, we went over to the airline we were supposed to be flying on tomorrow. Using the "divide and conquer concept, Kirk went to the ticket counter and used me as the scapegoat (which was totally appropriate since it was entirely my fault). Ultimately, we had two choices - leave on schedule but come back after only 1 day or reschedule. The cool thing about rescheduling is that the ticket agent agreed to let us reschedule for no change fee, AND no additional charge on the tickets (as long as the seat was the same class and fare code, I think), as long as we did so right then. We started looking at our schedule and realized that we probably were going to need to go over Thanksgiving. We gave the agent some dates to work within and quickly discovered even that needed adjustment.

So, now, we leave the Monday before Thanksgiving, and return home the Tuesday after. The cool thing is, that will give us an opportunity to visit my mom AND my dad. Subject to their schedules, we will visit with my mom from Monday to Friday, and then go see my dad on Friday. We'll head back to KC on Monday, as our flight out is rather early Tuesday morning.

So, as my friend Daniel pointed out, I guess there WAS some good in this.

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Thursday, October 5


Airhead Grounded!

Ok, I know I joke alot about being blonde. I am, after all, blonde. But normally, not in the stereotypical sense of the word. I have common sense, I'm relatively intelligent, I can usually figure things out if I try hard enough (or at least I ask a lot of the right questions). This time, however, my blonde hair showed itself in full force and at a particularly bad time.

For the over 4 and 1/2 years that I've been married, Kirk and I have made plans to go and visit my mom a couple of different times. In over 4 and 1/2 years, we've never managed to make it happen. This year, we decided it would be - it HAD to be - a priority for us. So, we took a hard look at Kirk's work schedule, and we booked it. The trip, only three days, was crammed in the one weekend in October when he was both in town, and had an RDO (Friday off) day. It was sandwiched between a trip to Maui (with 4 days buffer before we left for Kansas) and a trip to Berkeley (leaving the morning after we fly home from Kansas).

Circumstances made this trip even tighter. The Maui trip got pushed and pushed and he finally left October 1 - the day he was to be coming home. As I type this, he is on a plane flying home from Maui. We are scheduled to leave at 6AM tomorrow for Kansas, returning around midnight on Sunday. Monday morning, early, we leave for Berkeley, returning on Friday. Sunday evening, he leaves for Australia.

In short, there is no room for error - especially not the error I made. Somehow, I managed to book our airline tickets (but not the car or hotel) to return at midnight on the 15th, not the 8th. Kirk would be arriving home late that night, missing both the Berkeley trip AND his flight to Australia. In short, it is not possible. I spent a long time on the phone with American while they searched for the cheapest available return flight - ultimately finding it would be $600+ PER ticket to change our tickets. That, too, is not practical (or affordable). Kirk is coming home three days early... for nothing.

My mom, who has been anticipating our visit for longer than I can imagine, is going to be severely let down. All because I lived up to the stereotype this once. All I can say is, I'm looking for the "good" in all of this, and I don't see it anywhere.

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Comic Relief

Ok, after ranting, I found this and it made me laugh:


Sunday, October 1


Hugs abound

Any of my friends or family could tell you, I'm a "huggy" person. I love hugs - both giving and receiving. Well, this seems a perfect thing to share with you, in that case! (Thanks, again, to Dennis, who showed it to me!)


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Friday, September 29


Phone a Friend?

A friend of mine passed this on to me recently. It's pretty funny - take a look.

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Thursday, September 28


Google's Bug

We all know Google has a sense of humor - they change their logo on days of special interest, etc. But are they really so funny that they would openly display a real bug...really, a REAL bug, in their maps? (Thanks, Dennis, for spotting this!)

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Girls & the Internet

I had a rather annoying experience on irc yesterday. I had been sent to visit a specific channel to get some help. Upon arriving there, I discovered it was huge! Almost 900 people at any given time. This is not the kind of place I like seeking help. So, I have been sitting there quietly for 4 days, trying to get the "lay of the land".

Last night, I was installing some software and had to reboot my machine. Upon arriving back on this channel where I had been sitting quietly, this happened:

Sep 27 22:18:33 Guy 1 "SportChick" in a Linux distribution channel? Anyone see the irony of an athletically oriented female name present in a Linux channel?
Sep 27 22:18:47 Guy 1 not being chauvinistic, just...observant.
Sep 27 22:18:56 SportChick Guy 1: :p
Sep 27 22:18:57 Guy 2 "SportChick" is a guy posing as a girl to get other guys to help him more quickly.
Sep 27 22:19:13 * Guy 2 is now known as hotbabe892
Sep 27 22:19:18 hotbabe892 Hi boys ;)
Sep 27 22:19:20 Guy 1 Guy 2 observance countered with inference.
Sep 27 22:19:23 SportChick clearly you haven't been paying attention
Sep 27 22:19:23 Guy 1 nice.
Sep 27 22:19:40 Guy 1 SportChick I just got her.e
Sep 27 22:19:54 hotbabe892 One of you manly guys want to help little 'ol me with some Ubuntu? ;);)

This morning, laughing upon hearing of my "adventure", my friend Dennis sent me this hilarious link about "Girls and the Internet".

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Saturday, September 23


White and Nerdy?

A friend of mine posted this recently and I must say, I got a good laugh. It's funny to think how long Weird Al has been doing these things.


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Wednesday, September 20


Long U-Turn Explained

For any of you who read "A Long U-Turn", Kirk posted a comment to it today:

"It turns out that the cause of the failure at the cyclotron that made us go home early was a rat. Apparently a rat got into the 12,000 Volt system for the cyclotron and got electrocuted. This caused several 100 amp fuses to blow, thus shutting down the entire cyclotron. I think I can get a picture of the offending rat."

It figures that something so simple could cause such serious damage. Pfft

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Saturday, September 9


Three Blonde Mice (Feet)

Ok, today, a guy on irc was talking about the feet on his mouse. Now, of COURSE mice have feet - regardless of whether they are white mice, brown mice, multicoloured mice, or whatever. But I soon came to discover he was talking about his COMPUTER mouse. Feet? Did he REALLY say his mouse had FEET? I couldn't resist and I questioned him about it.

Here's what transpired:

mouseman: hmm, i like this mouse
mouseman: some kind, same model, but it's feet seem better
Me: your mice have feet?!
mouseman: SC: most, if not all, mice have feet
mouseman: doess't yours ?
Me: nope
Me: mine glides, mouseman
mouseman: what part of the mouse touches the mousepad ?
Me: the whole bottom
mouseman: so, the feet wore off ?
mouseman: i thought my mouse had it bad, with no shoes, till I met SC who's mouse had no feet
Me: hehe
* SC has never SEEN a mouse with feet - unless it has fur too
mouseman: THe bottom of my mouse +==>
mouseman: although the orignal feet wore off, i have replaced them with bigger ones
Me: weird
Me: mine HAS no feet
Me: should it?!
mouseman: no, weird is a mouse with no feet :)
mouseman: yes
Me: hrmph
mouseman: what kind of mouse ?
Me: hrm
Me: apparently mine has invisible feet
mouseman: laser mouse !?
mouseman: puh
mouseman: uh huh, and at the bottom of the page
mouseman: do you see the section entitled "Polytetrafluoroethylene gaming feet" ?
mouseman: those are some big feet :)
mouseman: sry, middle of page
mouseman: i think we lost the blond one :)

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Donna in Austria
Click for larger image Austria, August 2003