I can't even remember when I started "cycling". Of course, I learned to ride a bike when I was young (kindergarden, I think). And I remember during High School, my bike was my main form of transportation to get around town. But I don't think I had ever entered a bike "ride" until I was in law school. Prior to doing Octoginta, I'd never ridden further than 20 miles. My roommates (we were all part of the rowing team) and I decided to do Octoginta, an 85-mile ride outside of Lawrence, Kansas. I won't say I was addicted quite yet, but it certainly piqued my interest.

After moving to Atlanta, I joined up and did the Clean Air Challenge (from Atlanta to Augusta over 2 days) and later, the MS150 (a ride benefitting Multiple Sclorosis research).

By the time I arrived in California, I was an avid cyclist. The weather and terraine in California is quite suitable for riding most of the year around. In 2000, I did a 632-mile traverse of the South Island of New Zealand (top to bottom) and 6 months later, the California AIDS Ride (585 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles). The CAR, as it was formerly known, doesn't exist anymore, but it has been replaced by the AIDS Life Cycle. I love riding, although many people take great humor in seeing me on my very old (1987) Schwinn La Tour.

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