My Family Gallery

Donna & Kirk at Cracker Barrel in Jackson, MS This picture was taken at the Cracker Barrel in Jackson, Mississippi, before Kirk and I had started dating.  We were both there for a mission trip, working with the John Perkins Foundation.  This photo is from one of the first days we were there. 
Another picture from Mississippi...but this one is from the last workday.  By then, I think we had both decided we were definitely interested in seeing more of one another.  Donna & Kirk in Mississippi
Kirk & Donna at top of PV Switchbacks One of my favorite things to do is cycle.  This was taken one day when I convinced Kirk that cycling up the switchbacks in Palos Verdes is "FUN!"  By the time we got to the top, it was incredibly hazy, but made for a great picture! 
When Kirk invited me to a family gathering for dinner (for the first time), I can't say that I knew what I was getting myself into.  There were 10 other people at the table in a loud crowded restaurant, and although I was at the far end, my now-brother-in-law saw fit to interrogate me from the other end!  Kirk and Donna at Train Depot, in Fullerton
Kirk and Donna with Tents in Colorado, September 2001 Labor Day of 2001, Kirk and I traveled to Colorado to do some camping with Steve & Sharon, and attend a James Taylor Concert at Red Rocks.  We camped in a beautiful spot up past Winter Park. 
Kirk and I were engaged in October 2001. He took me to my favorite restaurant (in West Hollywood) - Cynthia's. Then after a drive along the ocean, we went for a walk on the cliffs above Santa Monica Pier, where he asked me to marry him (on bended knee of course). Of COURSE, I said "yes". Image
Kirk and Donna's Wedding Day Guess who got married?!  Yup!!  On January 19, 2002, we were married in front of friends and family at the Evangelical Free Church of Redondo Beach.  Chris Cannon, the pastor of our church, performed the ceremony.  But, you can read all about our wedding.
This was taken years ago.  The folks in the photo are my great-aunt Mary, uncle John, and great-grandparents, Aggie & JE.  JE was in Ripley's believe it or not (I am still looking for a copy) for holding between 7 and 9 simultaneous elected or appointed positions.  Image
Robbie, Donna & David in Virginia This is me with my two cousins, David and Robbie.  They live in Virginia, and I haven't had a chance to see them in ages!!  But, based on the pictures I last saw, they both tower over me now! 
My husband, nephew and father-in-law at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.   Kirk, Corey & Fred at Petersen
Mickey's Salmon My grandfather, a brigadier general in the army, grew up in Washington and spent a lot of time in Alaska.  This is a salmon he caught one day while he was fishing in Alaska!  (Yummm... can anyone say "sushi"?) 
This is my dad (on the right) and my uncle John in Tucson in 1953...I think they were standing in my great-grandparents' yard.   John & Dad in Tucson, 1953
Kirk & Donna at Crater Lake, OR

Kirk and I managed to get out to Crater Lake during our trip to Oregon in June of 2002.  In several trips to Oregon, this was my first visit to the deepest lake in the United States.

This is Betty, my stepmom.  She and my dad took Kirk and me out on my dad's new boat for a little ride when we were visiting in Oregon in June of 2002.  It was a beautiful day, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely!

Dad, me and Kirk in front of Dad's house in Oregon My dad, me and my hubby in front of my dad's house in Oregon.  In August, 2002, he and Betty sold the house, packed everything up and moved back to South Dakota to be closer to her children and grandchildren.   
My great grandmother, Alma Noland, is on the far left (front row).