Donna's Friends

My great friend, Dianne (third from the left) got married in May 2004. This was her last get-together with her girlfriends. We had appetizers at Best Cellars and then dinner at Zizikis. From left to right are Colleen (maid of honor), Tari (bridesmaid), Dianne (bride), Tami (bridesmaid), Deidra (friend), Donna (me! bridesmaid), Julie (scripture reader), Heather (photographer).
Nothing like taking photos outside in 90+ degree weather! And we still had another 2+ hours to the wedding. After the photos, we all went inside and changed into our comfy clothes and hung out. Despite a couple of glitches here and there, it was a beautiful wedding and a great day!
I got to see my great friend Colby who I had not seen since before either of us got married! We didn't spend much time together at the wedding, but caught up later in the weekend.
Kirk and I had a great opportunity to hang out with Tari and Scott, who live in the midwest.
Missy, one of Dianne's bridesmaids, seemed to be enormously hungry -- for left over cake!! We all got to catch up one last time at a brunch for Dianne and Jeff the morning after they were married. Jeff is the one in the background.
In May 2004, I was in Dallas for a wedding and had an opportunity to hand out with my great friends, Kathryn and Jeff and their two girls.

Celebration is a fantastic little home-cooking restaurant in Dallas. A bunch of us met there for dinner on Sunday night. I got to catch up with all sorts of people I either hadn't seen at the wedding or didn't get a chance to talk to. From left to right, Kirk, Donna, Loren, Rob, Deidra, Lena, Kris, Heather and Brent.


Kirk and I had a chance to catch up with Neil and Vela, some more friends. Neil was the singles pastor at my church in Dallas. He is now the senior pastor there. They have three gorgeous girls (who have grown to be quite tall since I last saw them!)
Friends from Dallas Here are some great friends of mine from Dallas!  There's Dianne, Jeff, Jeff, Loren, Kris, and John!
I've moved around quite a bit...first with my parents (my dad was military) and then on my own.  These are some of my girlfriends from Atlanta (most of whom have moved to other cities)... Kim, Dale, me, Diana, Cindy, Selena and Allison.  Atlanta Girls
Meredith's Bridesmaids My best friend, Meredith, got married in June of 1999.  I was blessed to be one of her bridesmaids! 
My friend Colby (from Dallas) ran the Rock-n-Roll Marathon in San Diego.  Rob and I rode most of the course on bikes chatting with her and a few others that we knew!!  This is AFTER the marathon and I was surprised she was still standing! Rob, Colby and Donna at RocknRoll Marathon
Dallas Girls in LA More friends from Dallas (one of whom moved with me to California in 1996): Iliana, Kris, Christine and me. 


In the spring of 2001, I went on two mission trips - one to Mississippi to work with the John Perkins Foundation doing construction work and the other to Mexico with the King's Harbor Youth Group to an orphanage, the Door of Faith.  This is the team that I was in Mississippi with. 

Mississippi Team #2
Girls at Missy & Kirk's Wedding


Laura, Dianne, me, Colby and Kim at Missy & Kirk's wedding reception in Dallas, Texas.

I have a habit of dragging my friends out to visit me whenever I've moved.  Colby has been to LA to visit several times.  THIS trip, however, I dragged Marie and Rena to Dallas for the singles retreat at my old church.  There's a field of flowers that we passed along the way that was in full bloom.  Girls in Flowers
Jeff & Kathryn at Meyers Wedding Two of my closest friends in Dallas, Jeff and Kathryn, got married to one another!!  This photo was taken at Laura & Paul's wedding, which is when they told me that they were getting engaged!!  Now they are pregnant with their second child! 


Another of my favorite things is dragging people I know on last minute this case, skiing over the New Years' holiday.  Marie and I drove all the way up to Tahoe (LONG drive from LA) and ended up staying in Reno, since there wasn't a hotel room or condo to be found anywhere near the slopes.  We had a fantastic time, though.  In the background, you can just see Lake Tahoe. 

Marie and Donna in Tahoe
Meredith & Donna at lunch in Tampa

Lunch with my closest friend!  Meredith and I met one another in 1976, jumping on a trampoline in 7th grade gym class.  We've been friends ever since.  She is an incredible blessing to me and has supported me through thick and thin!  Thanks, girl!! 


Jeff, whose parents live in Colorado, organized ski trips for small groups of friends (who seemed to come from all over the country to participate)...that is until he got domesticated.  We keep trying to get him to organize another, but now that Kathryn's pregnant again, I suspect we'll be waiting a while! 

Jeffro's Ski Trip
Gang at Hollywood Bowl Steve, in the black shirt on front row and the best man in our wedding, organized a trip to the Hollywood Bowl for the Fourth of July, 2002.  They have fireworks and the LA Philharmonic Orchestra.  AND, we got an unexpected treat -- James Taylor performed as well!!  Steve & Dina were married on September 22, 2002.  Also, Roxann and David performed in our wedding (vocalist and pianist).  Mike and Anita, whose wedding we attended in June 2001, were there for our nuptuals as well.  
During our June 2002 trip to Oregon, Kirk and I managed to hang out with some of my old college buddies, Toby, Brent and Robb.  We met up at the Taste of Beaverton, where Robb and Sambo (his wife) were volunteering.  Toby and Brent were on their way to a concert at the Portland Zoo.    Gang at Taste of Beaverton