Scuba Diving

I was certified during the 1980s in Texas. Interestingly, we were almost arrested on our certification dive -- we had wandered into the technical boundaries of a nuclear power plant.
Kirk, Egypt 2003
Some of my favorite dive spots are in Costa Rica, Holmes Reef (about 14 hours boat ride beyond the Great Barrier Reef), Maui and Dahab, Egypt (on the Sinai Peninsula). I can't recommend Holmes Reef enough. I did my trip out there with RumRunner and we were out for about 4 days. The dives included a night dive, two shark dives, and a drift dive. On the way back from the Reef, we stopped and took a dive or two at the Great Barrier Reef. Although it was beautiful, I must say, I preferred Holmes Reef. The visibility at Holmes was amazing - easily 40 meters! If/when I locate my photos, I'll post some.
Bells, Egypt 2003
At Dahab, Kirk and I had a wonderful time diving some pretty famous spots - Islands, Bells, Canyon. We even dove at the Blue Hole, although we didn't go looking to make any deep diving records. Although the Blue Hole is the most famous of those spots (due to the fact that it is the deepest diving in the world, Bells was much more interesting and beautiful.
School of fish at Blue Hole, Egypt 2003

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