Contrary to what you may have heard or seen, surfing is fast becoming a place for women to participate and excel.  Take the Time Magazine Special Report "Girls in the Curl", which followed up on the story with the release of the movie "Blue Crush".  

But in addition to these things, just take a look at the waves.  Now, more than ever, you will see women out there, vying for the waves with the men.  There are more and more surfing schools (Mary Setterholm's Surf Academy, Surf Divas, Sunset Suzy and Nancy Emerson's Surf Schools), clinics and events (Wild Woman Waterday) popping up that are specifically for women, and even branding and surf shots targeting only women (See Jane Surf). In addition, there are Christian surfing groups around, including an LA chapter organized by a couple from our church.

For weeks in 1998, ImageI had been playing around in the ocean on a boogie board that I purchased second hand, in front of my house.  But all my friends were surfing.   I purchased my first surfboard (shown here).  I started hanging out with old and new friends (both male and female) who surf and trying to mimic what they were doing.  

In about 2000, I purchased my first custom-shaped board, from a guy in Hermosa, Andy Johnson (AJ Surfboards).  He did a fantastic job, and I have been nothing but thrilled with my new board!  

If you haven't tried it yet, I encourage you...male or female, get out there and surf!! I'd tell you my favorite surf spots, but they're a secret!