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wow thats alot of miles
richard schlee (kc9foh) <kc9foh@yahoo.com>
south beloit, illinois usa - Thu Mar 30 20:13:18 2006
Hello. This is The Vet. Also, Secret Place needs more people. :( But nice website. :)
The Vet <echew@uiuc.edu>
Champaign-Urbana, IL USA - Fri Feb 10 02:09:26 2006
Hey SC!Nice site and dont forget to jump... 4more
Florence, Tuscany Italy - Fri Jan 6 04:06:07 2006
Hey SportChick! You've disappeared and I was just wondering what happened to you? No time for bz lately? Silvercat misses you...
P Death Spiral <hidden@example.com>
- Fri Dec 23 21:08:36 2005
Great looking site, saw some very interesting things, and hope to visit some of those places
Jason Byrd <madbosun@gmail.com>
My own little world, The physics Dept. United States - Thu Nov 3 17:05:22 2005
Picked up your interview on Amateur traveller. From there found your website.You both certainly had a great trip,Glad you visited us down under.Jim
Sydney, NSW Australia - Wed Sep 28 01:57:14 2005
Excellent site - do keep up the good work.
Monrela, USA - Sat Sep 24 14:16:06 2005
This site is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck
Rossher, USA - Mon Sep 12 09:58:07 2005
Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!
leoni, Usa - Wed Aug 24 10:26:56 2005
It's a nice site, thanks
Paul Martin sajushahjahan@yahoo.com>
Dallas, TX USA - Thu Jun 2 01:29:17 2005
MGBADA IMO <mgbada419@yahoo.com>
NAIJA, ABA USA - Mon May 2 08:04:28 2005
Hi guys! Thanks so much for all the lovely pictures you took at our wedding! I'm glad I got to see them because I don't remember too much from that day!! I enjoyed your web site- hope to see you soon! God Bless
Jessica Ripple <jripple@rhcc.net>
Redondo Beach, CA - Wed Apr 13 14:21:05 2005
Amazing travelogue !! Pictures are fantastic ! Looks like a trip of a lifetime, that many people aspire to and few actually take. Glad you two took this trip and shared it with the world on the web. I just stumbled onto it by accident, but glad I did.
Doug Rittenhouse
New York, NY USA - Mon Mar 28 16:57:47 2005
Jerry Stuckle <jerry_stuckle@yahoo.com>
Laramie, Wyoming USA - Sat Mar 26 18:52:12 2005
Very nice website. Please visit my new website!!! :)
Miami, FL USA - Fri Mar 25 23:18:31 2005
hi Kirk and er .. Sportchick! Fantastic trip you have done!
DAVE FROM DOWNUNDER <dgr_2001@yahoo.com.au>
Perth, Oz - Fri Feb 18 08:31:28 2005
Hi there, Very nice pictures of Laos! I was looking at your site and my jaw dropped when you said you went to KU. My Lao-American girfriend is currently there right now visiting her long lost relatives for first time since her family left in 1979, 4 years after the Pathet Lao came into power. I'm going to go with her next time and just wanted to know what other American's thought about Laos. We both live in good ole Lawrence so feel free to email me anything Lao or hawk related!! Rock chalk go KU!!!
Damen Winslow <brfts2001@yahoo.com>
Lawrence, KS USA - Sun Feb 6 19:56:43 2005
I am going to Egypt in Feb 2005 and have a 16 hr lay over in Vienna on way back. Was thinking of staying in Hostel for brief rest.
Jan Burkholder <janburkholder@hotmail.com>
Winter Haven, FL USA - Sat Jan 15 02:06:29 2005
Hi, nice back ground and stuff. mr Kew.
Mr Kew <far_kew@gawab.com>
Sydney, NSW Australia - Mon Jan 3 04:53:34 2005
What a blast!
Kim Conley <kim@bythebook.com>
Byron, IL USA - Tue Nov 23 11:31:14 2004
i love this site
mugu <guyman@mugu.com>
niger - Sat Sep 25 09:44:49 2004
High Karate Kitty. Nice websight, nice trip. Good to put some faces on the names from bzflag. It would be nice to get together with some people in the area and have lunch or dinner sometime we are close enough to do that some time. :) have a good day.
Nancy Kendall <Fluffyzoo@Yahoo.com>
Phoenix, Az. - Tue Sep 7 17:51:38 2004
NAIJA, , EDO USA - Fri Jul 9 14:36:11 2004
What's Kirks BZ name? mozul. (-Kirk)
Matt Flynn (Nacogdoches Texas) <number3son@sbcglobal.net>
Nacogdoches, Texas U.S.A. - Sun Jun 6 21:54:31 2004
Hallo! I am a So. California native but moved to Austria in August 2003, with my husband, Emmanuel and our son, Adrian.. To make a long story short, my camera broke and I was looking online for some pictures of my favorite places in Austria: Salzburg and Gmunden, to send to friends. Only by the grace of God did your website happen to appear in the search results. I read your travelouges and viewed the pictures! What character spills from the two of you! Congratulations! Next time you're in Austria, look us up! My husband is a tenor with Landestheater, he is currently working on a production of 'Turandot' that opens this Sept. in Bremen, Germany (shameless promotion). God be with you and grant you much fortune in love!
Jill <jkdivillarosa@yahoo.com>
Linz, Austria - Wed Jun 2 22:08:59 2004
Hi Guys, Welcome back home! We are the couple that you met at Picton in October 2002. We had the 1951 Bentley Car and were doing a South Island Tour. Just to show how time flies, we are now planning for another one commencing October this year and is for 10 days. We are taking a triumph TR4A this time. Nice to read of your adventures and thank you for your Christmas letter. All our love and best wishes for 2004 and beyond. God Bless! Terry & Helen
Terry & Helen Byrne <terry@polarcold.co.nz>
TIMARU, South Canterbury New Zealand - Sun Jan 4 13:34:02 2004
Wow! Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Chuck Nicola <chucknicola@csfa.net>
Corona, CA USA - Mon Dec 1 21:17:39 2003
great and fantastic site. guys i don waka here, na naija guys dey talk, great anf fantastic site indeed. guys keep it up.
NGBADA MUGU ADEBENDEL <mugu419@yahoo.com>
newyork , newyork usa. - Thu Sep 18 04:16:28 2003
Donna, your mother is very special to David, my husband, and to me. She kindly allowed us to have the privilege to share reading about your exciting adventures written with such flair.
Kaye M. Porter <kmporter@cableone.net>
Prescott, Arizona AZ 86303 USA - Mon Jul 28 20:53:56 2003
This is a very cool thing. I look forward to tracking the progress of your trip via your webpage! From Egypt, Gary Archaeologist Extraordinaire
Gary <garyaxe@hotmail.com>
Toronto, Ontario Canada - Fri Jul 25 03:40:36 2003
Hi Kirk and Donna! I want to wish you the best with everything you are planning to do! Thanks for teaching me palace! haha Unfortunately I wasn't at Zebra Crossing when you were checking out! Have a nice trip! Lots of Love, Hanneke (Zebra Crossing)
Hanneke <hannekevdm@hotmaIL.COM>
Meppel, The Netherlands - Mon Jul 14 06:40:30 2003
What a totally great idea...wish I'd thought of it!
Mary F. Nansel <mfnansel@hotmail.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Mon Jul 7 08:45:02 2003
Dear Kirk & Donna, Let me introduce myself. I am Paul Olson's daughter Tonya from Washington state. I find it amazing how small the world is, especially when you meet "family" (christians) members across the world. I was just reading the latest update, or as we say, the latest "Paul's epistle." As I was 1/2 way through dad mentions meeting Donna and the website. So I pop to the website out of curiousity before I have even finished his epistle. What a pleasure to see your mention of meeting him and your kind request for prayer. Thank you. And as you travel I will try and remember you in prayer as well. I'm not sure of the time frame but dad got very sick as well, either right before or right after your illnesses. His however was only the lower end problem and not the upper as well. Just a final note. Dad mentioned being encouraged by your meeting Donna. It's just amazing he says that God keeps sending people across their path as encouragers and helpers. Meeting you and talking with you and your request to have your church pray for those muslims there was such a welcome encouragement. And then to see the mention on your website so quickly. God is just so good. I'm not sure what else to say accept thank, again, for mentioning dad and asking for prayer for the work there with muslims. I wish you both God's blessing on your marriage and your trip. What a wonderful adventure and wonderful way to cement yourselves together as a couple without the distractions of normal life here. Praise God for such a blessing! Sincerely, Tonya Callison tjcallison@attbi.com
Tonya Callison <tjcallison@attbi.com>
Washington USA - Sun Jun 22 19:54:30 2003
We are the French couple you met in the campground along the Nullarbor on your way back to Sydney in January. Quite an impressive journey you are having and the website as well. Was nice having your view of Australia and New Zealand (you were right, we stayed there 7 weeks instead of 4 planned...) Take care ! Philippe & Stephanie
Philippe & Stephanie <philox55@yahoo.fr>
Paris, France - Sun May 25 13:41:28 2003
I am in Mrs. Reids class and she tells us a lot about you.I think it is really cool u are traveling the world.Well I don't have anything else to say so see ya!!!Brittany Elliott
Brittany <huskersrock16@hotmail.com>
Junction City, Kansas United States - Wed Mar 5 20:17:33 2003
It was very nice to meet you guys on the bus to Pai. Glad you left a comment on my journal. Hope to meet up with you guys again somewhere. We probably will, it always seems to happen!
Todd and Courtney <tcourtnage@canada.com>
Pai, ??? Thailand - Tue Feb 18 08:43:19 2003
Hi to the both of you. You have been on my heart several times!!! It sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure. Your writing is so enjoyable. All is very well here. May God Bless you and keep you safe. Love Brenda
Brenda & Jerry Cadenasso <socalcadfamily@attbi.com>
Lomita, CA USA - Sun Jan 19 16:46:34 2003
What amazing characters! Wonderful to chat about sound, and to enjoy God's goodness together. If we do not meet on earth again, we will meet in heaven.
Johannes & Joy Marold <jmarold@wn.com.au>
Esperance, Western Australia Australia - Tue Jan 7 19:30:42 2003
GOD BLESS your trip and your lives. Sounds like your having a wonderful time so far. Wish I were there! Love you!
Cheryl Sakaizawa
Torrance, - Fri Jan 3 14:42:24 2003
Hey Donna I am "Krissy's" half brother form Dallas! We met when you and Kris lived in Hermosa Beach. I saw Kris and Linda this weekend and they told me about your site! WHAT A SITE...Have a wonderful trip and I will see you on the web! Michael
Michael Button <vmbutton@aol.com>
Edmond, Oklahoma U.S.A! - Mon Dec 23 09:30:06 2002
Im not jealous, im really not jealous. Okay so i am a bit jealous. Swimming with dolphins!? Cadbury World!! Come on. its hard not to be! Well, anyways, good luck! And TRY Not to make me any more jealous!! God Bless-
Amanda Easley <tralalalala44@hotmail.com>
Kansas USA - Sun Nov 10 20:26:21 2002
Hi! Im realy excited about hearing about your trip! Hope to hear from you ALOT!! Good luck and god bless
Josh N. <bigpimpin2684@yahoo.com>
San Leandro, California US - Sun Oct 27 17:41:15 2002
I am excited to hear about you trip and hope to hear from you as often as posible. Good Luck and Have Fun
Jacqie Coleman <daddyslittlegirl_99@hotmail.com>
Junction City, Kansas Untied States - Wed Oct 23 20:08:29 2002
Wow! You guys are realy busy! you put sooo much detail into the travellogue that i almost feel like im there! Hope you are having fun- God Bless You
Amanda <Manaree02@yahoo.com>
Junction , Kansas US - Sat Oct 19 20:54:24 2002
It is so great reading about your adventures!! Such a great way to start your lives together. Be safe and God Bless.
Linda Keith <lkeith@alphadatasys.com>
Plano, TX USA - Fri Oct 18 09:45:15 2002
Hi there guys! It was great catching up on all the wonderful things you are doing. Glad you're having fun. God bless you! Love, Ambre and Garret
Ambre Hanes <aciston@juno.com>
Redondo Beach, CA USA - Wed Oct 16 16:44:30 2002
Really enjoyed the pictures. Keep them coming. David
David(odh) <odh40@yahoo.com>
Florida - Wed Oct 16 10:01:48 2002
Wish I were coming with you! Glad you have been directed to the best part of New Zealand (i.e., the Coromandel Peninsula)! And will look forward to reading your progress!
Barbara Doyle <brianboru@xtra.co.nz>
Thames, New Zealand - Thu Oct 10 17:25:12 2002
Nice work on the webpage and the itinerary, too, for that matter -- Thanks for keeping in touch!
Jeff Delanty
- Wed Oct 9 21:22:37 2002
Sportschick u may or may not remember me from SNRS LIST as Check6. Best of luck with your adventures. NZ is my #1 country to visit...I am so envious!
Jim (Check6)
Tucson, AZ - Tue Oct 8 23:23:38 2002
like keeping up with your travels have fun
john hoyt <lanhoyt@yahoo.com>
- Thu Oct 3 21:28:59 2002
I think this is a cool idea to go on a backpacking trip around the world
Amanda <MAnaree92090@yahoo.com>
JC, Kansas United States - Wed Oct 2 17:07:05 2002
Dear Kirk & Donna... it's been less than a day since you left on your journey, and we are missing you guys already! Surely our God will continue to direct your paths, keep you safe, and bless you wherever you go in this world. You guys have certainly blessed us with your friendship. We'll be praying for you daily. Mayumi says, "Hi there!" Much love in Christ, Koji & Nimfa
Koji & Nimfa Okazaki
Redondo Beach, CA USA - Mon Sep 30 15:11:17 2002
WOW! Your trip sounds incredible! Have a wonderful time-- Can't wait to hear all about it!
Kerri D. Keith
Dallas, TX USA - Tue Sep 24 14:54:16 2002
I am not jealous I am not jealous I am not jealous...do you believe me? Have a wonderful (and safe) adventure filled with blessed memories! By the way, yes, I'm a little jealous ;)
- Tue Sep 24 14:01:27 2002
I think it's great that Kirk and Donna are doing this trip and letting us take vicarious enjoyment from it! I have often thought about doing something similar, but haven't got around to it, so now I can sit back and watch them go!
Phillip Luff <phillip@luff.com>
SYDNEY, New South Wales Australia - Sun Sep 22 21:37:18 2002
Nice site! I really hope you have fun on your trip! we'll miss you on Bzflag.(I miss everyone on Bzflag, hence the crappy score) 8-] Good Luck
swine <swine@shaw.ca>
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada - Sat Sep 21 10:42:46 2002
HI Donna and Kirk!!! Wishing you a great trip and lots of pleasant and exciting adventures!!! Hope you come and visit!!! Love Sabine
Sabine <sabine_schroeter@hotmail.com>
Rotenburg, Germany - Sat Sep 21 07:18:42 2002
Wow, y'all are really going to do it! I'm SO excited for you both (and a bit envious). I wish y'all the best on your adventure(s) and always. I can't wait to read the travelouge as you travel to new and interesting places. Safe travels, Kris
Kris <kkeith917@hotmail.com>
Los Angeles, CA USA - Thu Sep 19 19:39:09 2002
Hey Sportchick!!! (& Kirk) Nice site!! We're going to miss blasting you on bzFlag :-) Congrats on you're ham licenses. I think the consecutive callsigns are awesome. (yes Kirk, she told me yours too) Wish you two all the best on your trip. It's too bad 2 meters won't reach the distance but I'll be watching your web site for updates. Good Luck. God Bless. ....n0hot
Scott (n0hot) Gottfried <sjg@luminet.net>
Houston, Minnesota USA - Sat Sep 14 18:49:39 2002
Hey nice webpage! I just wanted to wish your trip well. Donna, I just met you, but I think you are a really nice person. Kirk, I hope to see you and work with you again in a year. Have a fun, safe, and long trip. Bon Voyage! =)
Eric Normandy <ejnormandy@raytheon.com>
El Segundo, CA USA - Thu Sep 12 16:15:00 2002
Thanks for sharing ... even vicariously, the trip is a trip!
Dave Nasatir <nasatir@alum.mit.edu>
Berkeley, California USA - Wed Sep 11 07:31:13 2002
Lucky - Lucky - Lucky
Sally D. Crawford
Laguna Woods, CA 92653 USA - Sat Sep 7 14:54:37 2002
Ahh! It took me a while.. but I finally found your guestbook.. hehe.. silly me! Well, I just wanted to say "hi", and also, this page is quite cool. Donna- it's always awesome playing with you on BZ.. and you're still on of my favorite players!! Hehe. Well, I'm out. God bless!!! ,Jeremiah
Jeremiah (a.k.a. Spaceman Spiff) <gangsta_for_Christ@hotmail.com>
Warsaw, Indiana U.S.A. - Fri Sep 6 06:52:28 2002
Good Luck!!!!!!!!! Back to the USA or Bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deb Z. <zchich@yahoo.com>
Ypsilanti, Michigan USA - Thu Sep 5 00:05:54 2002
My prayers will be with you both as you travel the globe!!
Dianne C. Doll <diannedoll@yahoo.com>
Dallas, TX United States - Wed Sep 4 09:34:06 2002
Good luck, have fun, stay safe, enjoy the sights...especially New Zealand, any chance I can be put in someone's bag?
USA - Mon Sep 2 12:19:15 2002
Need any traveling companions? We have happen to have one year too many in our portfolios anyway. Sounds like a great trip.
Jane and Greg Cagle <travaj@aol.com>
Arlington, Texas USA - Mon Sep 2 11:19:24 2002
Cool web page! We hope you have a wonderful and safe journey. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Love you. Kelley, Barry, Meg, Scott, Corey, Bradley and Jeffrey
The Hartwyk Family <hartwykfamily@adelphia.net>
Seal Beach, CA USA - Fri Aug 30 09:45:27 2002
MANHATTAN BEACH, CA USA - Thu Aug 29 16:32:04 2002