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Mileage Chart
The mileage spikes are due to lost data, NOT incredible mileage!

Here are some fairly current pictures of my 1968 Spitfire 4 Mk III. I have owned this car for years. I bought it from a junk yard for $500. I have fixed it up twice now. It still needs a little work as you can see by the missing grill and letters. Since these two pictures were taken, I have installed the grill, and I traded the two amber parking light lenses for white ones with another Spitfire owner. I like the back of the early Spitfires like this better than the newer ones. Here you can see that it has the insignia, bumpers and hood for a Mk II, but other parts of the car are Mk III. During the original restoration I was using a Mk II as a donor car. Thus this one is sort of a Mk 2/3! I do like the Mk II bumpers better than the Mk III ones, so I'm happy!

Front View Back View

Recently I had my radiator recored. (it over heated) This is the original core. Pretty plugged up huh? Click the picture for an image of the entire length of the radiator. I don't think any of this stuff would have come out in a "boil" off.

Plugged Radiator Flat Radiator

Here are some pictures taken shortly after my first restoration. I think these were taken probably in 1983. I actually like this color better than the current color.

Front View Quarter View
Inside View Quarter View

Do you have suggestions on the easiest / best way to clean this wheel? (Click it for a larger pic) If so, email them to me.

Open the bonnet! (hood)


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